How to write the perfect product description

You have a fashion business, and you are starting writing the contents for your website. Now it’s time to describe your amazing products to make your clients understand all their qualities and characteristics, but you don’t know where to start.
Follow these tips to seduce your potential clients and make them want to buy your products.
  1. Mind the length
Everybody knows that by now, people of the Internet don’t read much and gets bored fast. Keep your product description simple and clear, avoid too lengthy sentences and an excessive use of adjectives. Opt for a short descriptive text followed by a list of the features, better if bulleted.
  1. Use the right language
Be sure the language is in line with the target jargon. If you are writing something that aims to a broad audience use a simple and clear language to make every customer feel included. You should already know who your target audience is, now it’s time to find out how they speak, which words they use and which tone of voice they can relate to.
  1. Benefits vs Characteristics
Another thing you want to do is focusing on the benefits rather than the mere characteristics. Sure, the technical part is also important, but try to describe your products qualities before talking technical.
  1. Engage your customers
Don’t stick to a mere description of the product, try to engage the client even when the content is more technical. You should aim to reach your customer’s heart describing how your product will make them feel rather than listing just the features.
  1. Go global
This last one is the most important one if you think to expand your business overseas, even if it’s not in the cards at this exact moment. Write the content in a way that it can be easily globalized: when you are ready to expand your business abroad and start translating your content you will be glad you avoided too many puns or cultural references that can’t be understandable outside your country.
When you have your content ready and you are all set to take your business abroad, get in touch to know more about the best strategy to win the Italian market.